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      High configuration, hard power! Shanhe Intelligent Electric Straight Arm High Altitude Work Platform Marches into the South China Region

      The release date:2023-09-12 Author:The station Subordinate to the column:Recent news

      Recently, the first electric straight arm aerial work platform SWT28JE independently developed by Shanhe Intelligent has been successfully shipped to the construction front line in Guangdong, marking a new breakthrough in the field of electric straight arm products by Shanhe Intelligent.

      So what are the outstanding features of this product?

      Safe and reliable

      Equipped with a tilt protection system, load sensing system, emergency stop device, and high-altitude guard, it can effectively ensure the safety of operators.

      Good stability

      In terms of structural layout, the battery box and hydraulic pump station are designed to move downwards as a whole, reducing the center of gravity of the entire machine, resulting in better stability performance of the entire machine, and achieving the highest allowable operating angle in the industry; Adopting high-performance electro-hydraulic proportional valve control, the equipment has better micro motion performance, and the action starts and stops smoothly without impact.

      Heavy load

      The entire machine meets the design of a large load capacity of 454 kilograms, and can carry more construction materials in one construction.

      Zero emissions

      The entire machine is equipped with 83.2V-560Ah high capacity lithium batteries, with a long battery life, which can easily meet the construction requirements of one shift; Combined with an excellent energy management system, it enhances battery life while effectively extending battery life. The battery provides a five-year warranty.


      The equipment is equipped with a 7-inch LCD display screen, which can view the current operating status and historical faults of various components of the equipment in real-time; Equipped with an intelligent voice broadcasting system, it can broadcast current fault information, greatly reducing the difficulty of maintenance.

      With the progress of society and the continuous improvement of public awareness of construction safety, the application scenarios of high-altitude work platforms are further enriched and diversified. At present, the arm type aerial work platform is undergoing a transition from fuel powered to battery powered. The electric straight arm aerial work platform can meet the construction needs of different occasions, is green and environmentally friendly, and has broad application prospects and market potential.

      In the future, Shanhe Intelligent High Altitude Machinery will continue to leverage its "leading innovation" advantages, strengthen technological research and development and market promotion, continuously improve product quality and technical level, and gradually launch electric straight arm products over 30 meters, providing better services and products for customers, and making greater contributions to the development of the high altitude operation industry.

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