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      60 units shipped in bulk! Zoomlion Concrete Machinery is Hot Selling in the Middle East and Indonesia

      The release date:2023-09-11 Author:The station Subordinate to the column:Recent news

      This time, 30 mixing trucks were sent to Saudi Arabia and Indonesia respectively. In order to better meet customer needs, the concrete machinery equipment delivered by Zoomlion not only continues its advantages of high quality, good performance, safety and reliability, but also has localized customization in terms of product power, wind and sand resistance, driving operation, and other aspects based on the local climate characteristics and working conditions in Saudi Arabia and Indonesia. This has improved customers' experience of product convenience, durability, and comfort, and has been recognized by customers.

      For example, mixing truck products sent to Saudi Arabia are equipped with MAN engines, which have strong power and are suitable for Saudi road conditions and customer driving habits; It is also equipped with a large water tank that better meets the needs of tropical desert climate. The mixer trucks sent to Indonesia are all right-hand drive and feature patented blade and feed hopper designs combined with the application of wear-resistant tank materials, greatly improving the product's service life.

      It is understood that the products delivered this time will be used in the construction of major projects along the "the Belt and Road", such as the Saudi Red Sea Project and the New Capital Project in Indonesia. Among them, the Saudi customer who purchased Zoomlion Heavy Industries mixer trucks is one of the top 10 commercial mixing companies in Riyadh, which is also the first time the company has purchased Chinese brand equipment. The person in charge stated that Chinese brands are increasingly influential overseas, especially Zoomlion Heavy Industries, which has a good market reputation and strong supply and service capabilities. We hope that both parties can continue to cooperate for a long time.

      In recent years, Zoomlion Heavy Industries has been closely focusing on the goal of high-quality development, deepening internationalization and localization development, continuously breaking through key products and markets, and continuously enhancing its overseas market position. In the first half of 2023, the sales performance of Zoomlion Concrete Machinery continued to sell well overseas, with double growth in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, showing a strong development momentum.

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